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Who We Are


We are a creative digital agency that believes great work comes from our hearts, minds and instincts.

We are innovative thinkers. Doers. Boundary pushers. We’re tech-savvy, brand-savvy, and strategically solid. We are marketers with the utmost passion for creativity and an unyielding commitment to our clients’ success.

Why we do it? We love it. This has been our job since 1989 and our passion since we were born.

We accompany our clients on a journey to take their brands to their full potential, and we enjoy every second of it.

We will help you find the identity of your brand, explore the its history and capture prospective clients through targeted creative strategies.

Working alongside you, we’ll make your brand easy to find and difficult to forget. We take your business extremely seriously, and ourselves … not too much! We embrace creativity as a lifestyle, and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We don’t expect results, we deliver them. We promote a mutually respectful working environment where each of us feels propelled and fulfilled, and where our clients feel involved and well taken care of.

No asset is more valuable to us than our clients’ trust; we won’t be fully satisfied until you are.

Our Mission


We create integrated communication and marketing strategies through the harmonious combination of creativity, data analysis and structured planning, in order to increase revenue and lift our clients’ brands to their full potential.

Our Vision


To be recognised leaders in the field of strategic marketing communications. To gain the trust of our clients and live up to that trust through excellent work and the uncompromising dedication to our clients’ success. To provide our customers with tools and solutions to become their best advocates, so that they can tell their story to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Our Team

Maurizio Guermandi

Founder & CEO

Andrea Stella

Account Manager, Digital Strategist

Alessandro Grazioli

Project Manager, Strategic Marketing

Fabrizio Fabbri

Account New Business

Mirko Di Francescantonio

Graphic Designer

Igor Vecchietti

Graphic Designer

Sandro Zucchelli

Audio Engineer

Mirko Spino

Web Developer Senior

Milanese di origine, nomade digitale per anni, ed ora Forlivese adottato. Oggi sono uno sviluppatore web con predilezione per i CMS ed il PHP, ho un passato nel mondo automative con Bosch, nella formazione manageriale in Sky e nella musica come discografico underground con la mia Wallace Records. E quindi appassionato di punk, ma anche di cinema, di cucina vegana e di motorsport. Quando mi stacco dalla tastiera cerco di fare il motociclista e volte il ciclista della domenica.

Maurizio Berti

OpenSource Expert



Our Philosophy


Every day, when we get to work, we do it as a team, driven by the passion and dedication that are rooted in our philosophy:

1. We believe in mutual respect, honesty, transparency, open and fair communication.

2. We proudly recognize the value of each member of our team. We are committed to creating a welcoming working environment that allows each one to thrive while inspiring others to strive for their best.

3. We are not content with the result or the satisfaction of the single individual: we are not satisfied until the whole team is. We aspire to be the best possible version of ourselves and we never get tired of striving to excel in what we do.

4. There are no small value customers; every person, organization or company who decides to rely on our services can count on the promise of unyielding dedication and the commitment of our talent to his/her success.

5. As a rule, we choose to work with partners who respect an ethical code, who respect their employees, recognize their social responsibility and aspire to contribute to environmental well-being. We do it because we want to make the difference for those who aspire to make the difference.

6. We believe deeply in listening to customers’ needs and in formulating proposals that are in tune with the deadlines, budgets and expectations of our clients.

7. We believe in the power of curiosity to push humanity forward. We believe in its power to push us towards the unexplored, the innovation, the ability to think outside the box. We trust curiosity to be what fuels our work. For this reason you will never find us short of inspiration: whether it’s the technical or the medical field, professional services or the arts, we are thirsty of whys, eager to understand what our clients do, why the do it and what are their stories. Our thirst for knowledge evolves into our knowing how to tell their story, and our desire to tell their stories evolves into a pool of ideas. It’s a process that requires active listening, strategic vision and creativity – and our curiosity is what fuels every step of it.

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