Innotek Corporation: Rebranding

Innotek Corporation is an American company with over 65 years of motion control experience in the disciplines of hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics. From their headquarters in Maple Grove, MN, they engineer intelligent solutions for a variety of markets. 

For them, we curated a complete rebranding process, from the chromatic choices and the new logo, with variants for the different divisions, to the corporate letterhead, the business cards, as well as copywriting and graphics for their PowerPoint presentations and corporate brochure. 

A rebranding is a complex process that starts with a through analysis of the company and its market, with the aim to refresh and elevate the image of the brand while leveraging – and staying true to – the history of the company, its consolidated value, and its DNA. From the font choices to the tagline and the iconography, every detail plays a role and contributes to the creation of a strong and cohesive brand identity.