SIDP: GengivePuntoOrg

For the Società Italiana di Parodontologia e Implantologia, we designed and developed the website

This is one of Italy’s major odontologists associations, which counts over  1464 subscribers, 109 active partners among which some of the most famed Odontologists in Italy, as well as known members of the Academic tradition. We were given the precious and delicate task of conveying their scientific knowledge in the field of Periodontology, implantology, and all bio-medical disciplines that correlate to these. is an informative portal, born to inform and convey: in its homepage there’s a search function for all topics among the site, allowing for user-friendly Google-like searches from within.

To enhance the user experience, we added a “find periodontist“, which allows the user to find a doctor by region and province, and to receive information about associated doctors through a geo-localized map.