Cantina della Volta: Comic Booklet and Video

We’d like to introduce to you   Capitan Tappo’s Adventures, the international project developed for Cantina della Volta. The project aimed at enhancing the public knowledge of an array of winemaking techniques, as well as educating the audience on the culture associated with wine and vinification.

Given that the target audience had little to no knowledge of the history and tradition of winemaking, we thought of a simple yet funny and efficient manner to convey this message: a comic booklet charged with the task of giving a fresh sneak peek into the life of a prestigious wine bottle and the complex process of vinification.

Design e and colors were curated by Silvio Scripelliti, Angela Sini from Cantina Della Volta was in charge of the Italian copywriting, while our agency was involved in the concept design, publishing, and translations. Once the print version was published, we felt the urge of making a video version that could be enjoyed by users online and draw additional traffic to the Cantina Della Volta brand, while providing fresh and educational content. We took care of dubbing in several languages, geo-localization of the videos, as well as video editing.  The print version of the comic booklet was published in Italian, English, German and Japanise. The success of the comic book among international distributors, children, and sommelier schools, urged Cantina Della Volta to add several languages to that list.

Although this started as an out-of-the-ordinary marketing project,  Le Avventure di Capitan Tappo (Capitan Tappo’s Adventures) became an efficient educational tool and a way to convey the art and soul of winemaking and its culture to the world.  Indeed, our agency was awarded a prize for the first edition of “Il Meridiano del Vino” during the 50th Edition of VinItaly (2016), an international competition for the most creative ideas in the Italian wine industry.