Guermandi Group consulting: GDPR education and training

Consulting, training and education are pillars of our client-focused offering as Guermandi Group.  For this reason we recently hosted a specialized course on GDPR regulations, a curriculum we crafted from scratch to shed light and dig deeper into this hot topic and help our clients and colleagues understand the marketing implications of the new GDPR norm.

The course,  “GDPR: a practical guide to survival“, was hosted at the end of September to meet the needs of one of our clients.   As usual, we merged our professional approach with our creativity, resulting in a 3-hour-long seminar that managed to keep the interest alive and high throughout. The main focus of our discussion was the impact of the new norm on the most common marketing operations, such as lead generation, email marketing and other forms of direct marketing, customers segmentation and remarketing.

Our course aimed at the exploration of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) under a new perspective. In fact, we steered away from irrational fears and suggested a deep understanding of the underlying motivations and history in which the new necessity of this new norm is rooted. The GDPR is an innovative European law  that took the world by storm by setting the new golden standard for Data Protection; we were able to analyze the matter in detail thanks to the expertise of Alessandro “Morloi” Grazioli, recent re-entry in the Guermandi Group team.

Through the course 85 slides, available in Italian only on slideshare, we also discover how much the GDPR has in common with the “old” – and recently renovated – Italian Code for the Protection of Personal Data.

The main objective of the course was ultimately to identify the major implications and fulfillments  required by the GDPR,  and to find the most effective way of fine-tuning and updating online marketing practices to avoid fines, but also to make sure that a personalized solution is found without having to throw away the direct marketing efforts accomplished so far.