We’ve got ourselves a brand new website!

We’re proud to announce the our new website www.guermandi.it.

We didn’t just give it a fresh look, we revolutionized the whole thing, both in terms of graphics and content. We let our growing passion for user experience guide the design process, making the result a creative site that is clear and easy to navigate.


This website is yet another step in an exciting rebranding journey that our Agency has embarked for some time now.

Throughout the past few years we’ve become increasingly international, thanks to the opening of a UK branch (MG Agency Group Ltd) and operational personnel based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Our brand family has also become crowder, with the additions of GlocalAudio and VersoLearn, both specialized vertically in multi-language localization and eLearning.


We’ve grown

We are no longer a small Agency: we’ve become a group, and we needed our image to reflect this new environment.


Our new brand Guermandi Group has thus replaced that of “Maurizio Guermandi & Associati,” and our company mission has evolved to reflect new and ambitious goals. We made a commitment to evolve without compromising the passion and elasticity that our clients have always appreciated, and that have brought us so far.


We put our faces where our promise stands

In our “Who We Are” section, we wished to express the philosophy that guides everything we do, as well as to give out a taste of our identity. Indeed, we put our faces where our promise stands. We want our audience to know that whenever we take on a project, we do it knowing that it’s not just a project – it’s someone’s project in our hands.  We wanted our people to know that they aren’t just part of a team, but part of a united family that works together day-in and day-out, with the common objective of improving relentlessly and making our clients happy.


Take a look at our projects

Our portfolio section has undergone a full makeover; there, you can find some of the most relevant projects we worked on in the past few years. In the “Who We Work For” section  you’ll also find our clients, to whom we’re incredibly grateful for their trust.


We look forward to seeing you on our new website! Make sure you check it every once in a while to stay up-to-date with news from our Agency and from the world of marketing communications.

Welcome aboard!