Guermandi Group wins creativity award at Vinitaly

We’re proud to present Le Avventure di Capitan Tappo (Capitan Tappo’s Adventures), an international project we created with the aim of educating people on the winemaking process and the spreading of the Italian wine culture. The project was curated for, and with the collaboration of, our long-standing client  Cantina della Volta .

The challenge of this project was finding a simple and fun way to communicate a rather complex and unfamiliar concept, something informative and entertaining that could help spread the wine knowledge in markets where wine hasn’t enjoyed a great deal of attention in the past. The client vision was to unveil the world  and art that hide behind a high-quality bottle of wine, but the final product had to be unique and captivating. Our creative team suggested to opt for a comic booklet, a medium able to combine the power of images and the clarity of words, resulting in a fresh and immediate delivery of content without sacrificing the educational and informative goal.  

Silvio Scripelliti was in charge of the design and colors,  Angela Sini from Cantina della Volta curated the italian copywriting, while we took care of the layout and the translations. Once the printed version was completed, it was natural to maximise the reach through the creation of both a digital and a video version, available online to users worldwide.

We also took care of the multi-language dubbing, localization and audio-video editing As of today, the printed comic is available in four languages (Italian, English, German and Japanese), but given its success with international distributors  and its public acclaim across sommelier schools,  Cantina della Volta is already planning on adding more languages in the near future.

The Adventures of Capitan Tappo evolved from an out-of-the-ordinary marketing project to a powerful educational tool and a diffuser of the winemaking culture. This project landed us the award “International Promotion of Italian Wine” at the “Il Meridiano del Vino” 2016, an international competition that rewards the most innovative and creative ideas in the promotion of Italian wine in Italy and abroad.